Friday, January 16, 2009

They Need Comfort!

After yesterday's inane IndyStar editorial opposing guns on campus (see below), I found the following over at Rustmeister's Alehouse:
(Memphis, TN 1/15/2009) LeMoyne-Owen College is on lockdown after a robbery during class.

A student tells us a man with a wig walked into a class on campus with a gun and demanded purses and wallets.

18 students were in class at the time.
All I can say to the anti-self defense/gun banners there at LeMoyne-Owen College is:

And to the administrators here at IUPUI: I or my survivors will sue the shit out of you if and when something happens to me while I'm on our 'gun-free' campus and you've disallowed me from defending myself.

h/t Sharp as a Marble

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