Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Back To The Future, Part II

This is what I liked about OS/2. From Stupid OS/2 Tricks:
Deleting "undeletable" objects

If you find you have an undeletable object, this trick sometimes (but not always) works.

1. Insert a floppy disk in a floppy drive.

2. Open the Drives object.

3. Drag the undeletable object to the floppy drive object. Make sure that you are moving the object (you can ensure this by holding the Shift key while dragging).

4. Format the floppy disk.

New York Times -hearts- Big Government

A Big Storm Requires Big Government

Bullshit. In situations like this I'd prefer the Armed Services to use their abilities of organization and deployment. And least we can turn them off until we need them again. You can can't turn off Big Government.

New York Weather Report

Monday, October 29, 2012