Thursday, January 29, 2009

Indy, Snow, and the Super Bowl

Today the Newspaper That Humps Jim Irsay's Leg has a good example of why I hold it in low regard:

Indy confident it could handle snow for 2012 Super Bowl

In typical 'Rah Rah!' fashion, the reporter repeats the statements of David Sherman, director of the Department of Public Works, who, "with calm confidence," said:
"We can handle it," he said, noting that snow on the ground could even add to the party atmosphere, "like at a ski resort."
Yeah. Right. Like a friggin' party in a ski resort parking lot 'cause that's what the Downtown and the IUPUI campus turn into every time it snows, even a little, before rush hour. Everyone leaves work early and all these Hoosier drivers never heard that gridlocking is illegal, much less damned rude and inconsiderate. You never see a cop directing traffic at key intersections or handing out tickets to these fidgets.* David Sherman should get out more when it snows.

Allison Melangton, a senior vice president at Indiana Sports Corp. is also quoted. She's in charge of local Super Bowl operations for that committee.
"I'm 100 percent confident that the city and DPW will have procedures and plans in place that will be 100 percent effective in keeping streets and sidewalks clear for the Super Bowl."
I wonder what those plans will be? Block off traffic from the Downtown if it's going to snow? By the way, she called that one in from Tampa.

*'Fidget' is a contraction of 'fucking' and 'idiot.'

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Joanna said...

Hey, they laid *me* off -- how intelligent can they be? /sarc

BTW, 'fidget' is now my new favorite swearing-without-really-swearing-and-no-one-knows-it-but-you word. Thanks for that one.