Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tax Payers Get A Lap Dance

for Matt Hendrix, that is.

Former GIPC Executive Director Sentenced To Four Years For Embezzlement

"Hendrix was accused of spending the money he stole on strippers and to feed a gambling addiction."
Well, compared to what the Dirty Little Hoosier Politicians normally use our tax money for, this is an improvement.

I am the passenger and I ride and I ride. . .

After seeing this:

Indiana Toll Road Operator Filing Bankruptcy

I had a strange vision that a Saudi company bought the lease at the bankruptcy sale and immediately imposed the Saudi flavor of Shari'a law, disallowing women from driving on the highway and requiring them to wear burqa-s while passengers.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

More Bad Apples

I'm still calling bullshit on anyone who declares that bad police behavior is only that of a small minority of those who "protect and serve." I insist that it's part of their shared culture of intimidation and bullying.

Two Veteran IMPD Officers Arrested For Beating Up Drunk Man At South Side Bar

President Obama - Authority on Islam

So Barry says ISIS is "not Islamic." Well, I have to agree with Daniel Pipes when he quotes Bernard Lewis:
"As Bernard Lewis, a leading American authority of Islam, notes: “It is surely presumptuous for those who are not Muslims to say what is orthodox and what is heretical in Islam.”
And I'm of the same thought as Edward Curtis IV, a colleague of mine. If someone declares themselves to be a Muslim we must take them at their word as we do not have the authority to say otherwise. Unless we're Barack Hussein Obama.