Friday, January 30, 2009

. . . and this is now.

We got snow here in Indiana. Kentucky got ice. Lots of ice. And I see:

Life after ice storm dire, getting worse in spots

They're hurting down south. But what I find interesting is this:
Local officials were growing angry with what they said was a lack of help from the state and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In Grayson County, about 80 miles southwest of Louisville, Emergency Management Director Randell Smith said the 25 National Guardsmen who have responded have no chain saws to clear fallen trees.

Smith said FEMA has been a no-show so far.

"I'm not saying we can't handle it; we'll hand it," Smith said. "But it would have made life a lot easier" if FEMA had reached the county sooner, he said.
No! Not in Obama's America! FEMA dropping the ball only happens in Chimpy McBushHitler Haliburton's America. And gets reported, re-reported, and re-re-reported by the MSM using outraged tones of indignation and condemnation. But not now. We have Hope and Change now.

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Joanna said...

I volunteered at a DHS/FEMA exercise in November (I played a flu victim). The lesson I took away from it was: Don't ever depend on the government for *anything* in an emergency. If you don't have something essential, find someone who does. But above all, start digging yourself out immediately. Do not, under any circumstances, wait for someone else to do it for you.

Also, those FEMA trailers are terrible. If you've got nowhere else to go, I'm sure they come in handy, but I wouldn't want to live in one for more than a couple weeks. They're like campers with nicer curtains.