Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Comfort From Guns On Campus

At least according to the Official Colts Propaganda Sheet, AKA the Indy Star:

Guns on campus: Not a comforting thought

In part:
Those are wishful thoughts for many reasons; but that hasn't stopped gun rights advocates across the nation, including Indiana state Sen. Johnny Nugent, from promoting abolition of the general ban on gun-packing on campus by non-security personnel. Nugent says Senate Bill 12, which would abolish the authority of universities to prohibit weapons, would make campuses safer by giving everyone a chance to defend himself. The people who run universities say the opposite would happen, and we agree
The rest of the editorial is filled with the usual talking points of the anti-self defense/gun-banning crowd. Stuff like the old chestnut of the dangers of riotous drunk and armed students:
Far more likely is the prospect of tragedy resulting from random possession of firearms in a dense population of young people, where arguments, fights, alcohol, inexperience and rash judgment already make for a volatile mix. When college administrators already are losing sleep over the epidemic of binge drinking, the vision of free-flowing concealed weapons has to be the stuff of nightmares.
Such fictional imaginings take precedence over any concern for a young African-American woman, coming out of an abusive relationship, who is forced to wait for the city bus at night by herself. Or the Armed Forces Veteran, trained in weaponry, who has returned to complete her degree and takes night classes and feels uncomfortable walking through a dark parking lot to her car. Or someone like me who teaches an evening class and would like to take the bus home from downtown but feels it unsafe after being disarmed by IUPUI.

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