Monday, December 1, 2008

The Rest Of The Story?

Certain news items in the Colts Rah Rah Rag intrigue me with what is NOT reported:

Officer may have saved taxpayers a costly repair

In toto:
A quick-thinking Indianapolis police officer worked to simultaneously protect public safety and taxpayer dollars Sunday when police on the Southeastside searched a red Ferrari for drugs.

The driver had led police on a brief chase after they tried to stop him for speeding, finally halting near Emerson Avenue and Stop 11 Road.

Officers at the scene radioed for a drug-sniffing dog. But one K-9 officer, estimating the car's value at a quarter of a million dollars, warned dispatchers that his aggressive dog might scratch the Ferrari -- and possibly leave the city liable for repair costs if the search turned up nothing. The officer's off-the-cuff valuation of the car wasn't confirmed, but his main point was that the car is expensive. So, a more docile dog was dispatched to the scene.

That dog found no drugs in the car, and the driver -- who turned out to be on his way to Community Hospital South with chest pains -- was not cited, said Sgt. Paul Thompson, spokesman for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.
It's nice that the police saved us taxpayers some money but I don't think that's the story here. Did the driver of the Ferrari actually go to the hospital after being delayed by the cops? I suspect so as he wasn't cited. But I really wonder what was the race of the driver of the Ferrari? Was this a white guy (to the police obviously a doctor or a laywer) racing to the hospital with chest pains?

"Sir, do you want us to call for an ambulance or do you think you can make it? We'll put our lights on and you can follow us there."

Or was it a black guy (with that kind of car, to the police the guy is obviously a drug dealer)?

"Chest pains? Sure. Right. Do you have anything illegal in the car? You won't let us search it? Well, we'll have to call in the K-9 unit."

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