Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Worry Gene

Roberta X has posted about her plumbing odyssey. (Well, actually her plumber is on an odyssey.)

I feel for her. And her travails reminds me of my concerns over plumbing, wiring, appliances, etc. etc. etc. You see, I inherited the 'worry gene' from my mother. She'd worry a lot that something wasn't working right or getting ready to break, or she'd hear a noise and become concerned that something wasn't right. It drove my father crazy. Well, I've inherited it. I worry about such things as well and things more often than not beyond my control. So leaky pipes? That's one of my worries. You never know when they might start leaking. . .but at least I have that home warranty. I should check and see if they're properly deducting my account for the monthly fee.

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