Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dog Poo

I've just come in from clearing the back yard of dog poo produced by FatButt and BullyBoy*. I now suspect that while we sleep giant Shit Hounds leap the six foot fence and use our back yard as their private Crap Club. No two little cockers could produce that much poo in that short a time.

*For the uninitiated: our two cocker spaniels otherwise named Pumpkin and Pie.


red said...

Try having a 75lb German Shepherd! I swear the poo is procreating over night.

BobG said...

Dogs and babies share something in common; it seems like there is always more coming out than going in.

Word Verification: fartt

Home on the Range said...

I think Barkley conducts secret Poo Parties in the week hours. Certainly all that I picked up in the fenced part of the property couldn't come from one dog in a week?