Friday, December 12, 2008


Other than being tasty ('Cuter the critter, the better the taste!') kittens are. . .well, I saw this as wallpaper on the laptop of one of my part-time workers:


Anonymous said...

Yup. Red tabbies tend toward OCD.

Tam said...

A cute orange boy kitty will grow up to be a red tabby tom. Probably with green eyes and a slit in his ear (which is the cat equivalent of an eye patch).

I once had one named "Mongo".

He weighed in at 25 very non-flabby pounds and was meaner than a striped-assed snake. The first thing he did when we brought him home from the pound was chase my ex's rangy black tom, yclept "Lucifer", out of his favorite bed and claim it for himself, using nothing more forceful than a baleful glare.

I kept paying vet bills for stitches on the nose of the neighbor's Chow, and he once caused my ex's drunken uncle to need stitches when we encouraged him to "rub Mongo's belly; he likes that."

I miss that cat.

(WV: "quest". No kidding.)