Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Case of the Filched Fin

Ol' Shermlock is on the case and has figured out where the $20.00 went. From today's Activity Report:
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
1232 W Michigan Street
Indianapolis IN 46202

July 22, 2008

07/21/08, 2042 – 2245
08000704 Investigation-Alcohol Consumption
Ronald McDonald House-Parking Lot

An officer responded to a report of several individuals drinking alcohol in the Ronald McDonald parking lot. The officer observed six or seven individuals standing in the parking lot and also observed four cans of malt liquor sitting on the ground. Further investigation revealed that only one person had been drinking and he was evicted from the Ronald McDonald House. The malt liquor was confiscated and placed in the IUPD Property room.

07/21/08, 2356 - 07/22/08, 0100
08000705 Larceny from Building
Ronald McDonald House

A visitor left her purse on a couch on the second floor and when she went back for the purse, she discovered $20 missing; investigation continues.

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