Thursday, July 10, 2008

We're Having A Heat Wave. . .

What fun. No cooling at IUPUI:

Citizens Thermal Energy has announced that chilled water service for air conditioning will be shutdown to major portions of the IUPUI Campus today due to an accident yesterday afternoon at the construction site of the new Marriott Hotel on Washington Street in downtown Indianapolis.

A construction crew building the foundation for the new hotel struck a 42-inch pipeline that transports chilled water to the IUPUI campus. The chilled water is used to cool buildings throughout the campus. Citizens Thermal Energy is currently working to repair the pipe and may resume chilled water service later today.

Update at 2:30 PM:

Dear Key CFS Customer,

I regret that we have no update on the length of the CTE chilled water outage that has caused loss of cooling in IUPUI buildings. CTE is excavating the site of the line break and promises to advise immediately when more is known. Depending upon the nature of repair, the length of time the campus will be down will vary. Please continue to monitor the CFS website for more info. We will use this distribution to let you know when we know more. CFS staff are making every effort to work with all of you to identify critical research areas. Please call 8-1900 if you have a critical need that CFS building staff have not yet identified.

Thanks for your patience.

Emily C. Wren
Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities

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