Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Take the stink out of your drink!"

I'm cheap. Those who know me, particularly Mrs. Shomes, will testify to that. I also like to imbibe. Those who know me, particularly Mrs. Shomes, will heartily testify to that. So paying $30+ for a 1.75l bottle of Ketel One vodka pains me deeply.

Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filters to the rescue! The product purportedly removes the foul taste and smell from rotgut booze as well as the ancillary hangovers. Mine arrived yesterday and I promptly quintuple filtered a bottle of Kamchatka Vodka that I'd bought for $9. I had my son (who is of drinking age) try the unfiltered Kamchatka, the Ketel One, and the filtered Kamchatka. While he said that the flavor of the Ketel One is preferable, the filtered Kamchatka, while lacking flavor, was better than the unfiltered. Even one shot of the cheap stuff can give me the equivalent of a migraine the next day so the ultimate test will be to mix a few drinks for myself and see if I end up with a hangover.

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