Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain Graffiti at IUPUI

A bunch of pro-McCain graffiti has appeared on the sidewalks and streets at IUPUI to the point that it can be considered vandalism. From my vantage point the areas around Campus Center, Cavanaugh Hall, at Lecture Hall have been 'tagged.' My colleagues are looking funny at me when I say that part of me suspects that it could have been done by anti-McCain people to destroy whatever support there was for him around here. As I've made it a point of saying that I have no favorites in this horse-race, I'm surprised that I'm not taken seriously.

And following this line of thought, all it will take is a few anti-McCain Code Pink yahoos to attend his rallies and repeatedly shout the "N" word to get the MSM to publish article after article about the racist supporters of McCain.

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