Sunday, October 5, 2008

Guns on campus

This Tuesday, October 7 the Indiana Student Affairs Association (ISAA) meets across the street in the Campus Center. Two panels look interesting:
Increasing Campus Safety: Outlawing Guns at Universities

Abby Stott, Marian College
Anthony Masseria, IUPUI
Emily Ritter, IUPUI

Over the last thirty years, there have been too many incidences of gun use on college campus. Not only have students lives been taken, but countless others have been affected in the process. In this session, we intend to explore how outlawing guns will increase campus safety. We will examine campus safety court cases and the feasibility of outlawing guns on college campuses. We will discuss current gun policy for the state of Indiana. By the end, we will offer proposed gun legislation.
Increasing Campus Safety: Guns on Campuses: Yes, No ?

Abby Stott, Marian College
Jessica Blackerby, IUPUI
Christy Moede, Franklin College
Karen Whitney, IUPUI

Violence on our campuses occurs too often. Do guns help or hinder campus violence? Is there another approach that does not involve guns that would reduce violence on campus? In this session, three perspectives pro gun, anti-gun and an alternative gun approach will be explored. The session will conclude with a robust group discussion. Court cases, constitutional and statutory law will be included.
I plan to attend and report back here on my Adventures in Wonderland.

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