Sunday, October 27, 2013

IU-Bloomington Wets Itself

The damn phone's been ringing since the wee hours of the morning. Shermlock Jr. attends Indiana University in Bloomington.

Apparently he's given our home phone number to the IU Notify system and they've been graciously calling us to keep us apprised of the lockdown of IU because of two individuals absconding after have a knife fight with an acquaintance on campus property . The all-clear call came a few minutes ago when the IU Administrators determined that a knife fight among friends posed no danger to the campus computer at large.

If they're this touchy, I wonder what the IU Administrators will do on Halloween? Be careful what costumes you choose, kiddies. I'd shy away from going to your parties dressed as say, the traditional pirate or musketeer waving around your cutlass or foil. Or any costume that is complemented with a firearm.

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