Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another Tool for the Tools

My blood pressure spiked when I saw this:

Police Patrol For Driving Texters
Officer Says Spotting Texting Drivers Won't Be Hard
INDIANAPOLIS -- Law enforcement personnel on Friday added another infraction for which they need to keep their eyes peeled while patrolling Indiana's highways – driving texters.
What a crock of shit. Besides taking away another freedom when our oppressors legislators passed this law, it also handed the pigs bullies in uniform police another reason to stop and hassle the common citizen and extract money from us for the corrupt local governments. They don't know if we're texting or not. Someone could be checking the GPS app on their device. They could be forwarding past a shitty song in Pandora. A bad driver could be (legally according to this law) composing an effing e-mail.

Every day we're a little less free.

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