Friday, December 31, 2010

Today's "WTF?" Second Chance for an Only One

I saw this on television last night:

Danville Demotion: Former Assistant Chief to lose 18% of pay

"Assistant Police Chief Jerry Cunningham was arrested in October after getting into a fight with his estranged wife's boyfriend."

The detail of this little "fight" can be found upon further reading:
Cunningham claimed he was out for a walk when broke into a home where his wife and the other man were. Investigators said Cunningham tore the screen door off the man's house and struck him. The officer's wife was injured as she tried to break up the struggle.

Two of the charges against him were dropped as part of a plea deal. If Cunningham had been convicted of the felony attempted residential entry or the domestic battery count, he would not have been allowed to own a gun, and could not have been an officer.
WTF? He only gets demoted? I guess the cops are a privileged class. Would the same consideration be given to any number of school administrators in this area who are fired upon being arrested (Not even convicted!) of a DWI? I think not. I'm so weary of this culture of corruption.

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