Thursday, November 25, 2010

PSH of the Day: Another "Arsenal Of Guns" Found

While some are focusing on news of the "Vet, 77, Busted For Obama Death Threat" "because he is not doing enough to help African Americans," I was interested in the report that his ". . . home was stocked with an arsenal of guns." Cool! I had imagined a whole room with wall-to-wall firearms. Arsenal, right? Well . . .
During a search of Bowden’s home, agents located three semi-automatic handguns and a semi-automatic rifle--all of which were “fully loaded, with rounds in the firing chamber--near his bed. In Bowden’s son’s bedroom, agents found 12 other guns, while a “loaded, short-barrel shotgun” was found near the home’s front door.
That would be judged a good start by myself and a fair number of people I know.

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