Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The "Watch List" Has Errors? Say it ain't so, Batman!

The irony is heaping up today. On the way into the building I snagged a free NY Times. (As I've said in the past, I wouldn't pay for that leftist twaddle.) In print and online:

Ensnared by Error on Growing U.S. Watch List

In part:
Every year, thousands of people find themselves caught up in the government’s terrorist screening process. Some are legitimate targets of concern, others are victims of errors in judgment or simple mistaken identity.

Either way, their numbers are likely to rise as the Obama administration recalibrates the standards for identifying potential terrorists. . .
So there's a bunch of folks who are on that list that shouldn't be? And we can infer that the New York Times has a real problem with this? Well, does anyone remember this?

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