Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Getting Fortville's Goat

Saw this in the Colt's Official Publicity Brochure today:

Goats in the yard? Town officials say there ought to be a law

I seem to recall my father resigning his position on the town board of Shepherd, Michigan after finding some of the other members to be petty little Hitlers (not his words but mine.) I read that in Fortville, Indiana:
Sarah Brown [owner of the goats] said she believes town officials have a personal agenda against her and her family.

"We've got a bunch of bullies trying to take people's animals away," Brown said.
You think? I'm beginning to see that there's a plethora of petty little Hitlers in a lot of local government.

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Unknown said...

Indeed! My late son-in-law liked to call them "tin-gods" and "minor bureaucrats" and he was so right. People with small minds and big agenda's get into power (no matter how small) and they flay their constituents with their petty little rules and regulations to the point where no one can make a move without violating something. I was born and raised in the Vernon Township area and have seen the communities crumble and fall into regimentation and lose all cohesiveness. What a world we have made. Too bad.