Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fascism LGBT Style

'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson on Indefinite Hiatus Following Anti-Gay Remarks

Typical. Say your mind based on your core beliefs. If the Left doesn't agree with it, you need to be shut up and shut down. Now I've never watched the show. Don't plan on it. BUT in any case, I would think the producers would have a little sense and say, "Hey, this guy says stuff that reflects the thoughts of a slice of the American people with whom we disagree. But every time he says something like this, we have the opportunity to bring the issue to the center of the discussion. Let's keep him on!" But nope. That would mean they respect your ability to think for yourself.


Anonymous said...

And we wouldn't want to offend someone...
Like the Muslims, who probably agree with him.

Oh, wait...?


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The difference between Phil Robertson and Muslims should be simple enough for most people to suss out.

I've never watched the show, either, and don't plan to start, but this strikes me as just more "Squirrel!" to take our minds off of more important things.