Wednesday, November 23, 2011

POP! <-- Sound Of My Head

Warning: Below is another rant with course language.

I shouldn't let stuff like this get to me:

Super Bowl Volunteers Still Needed

In part:
The Super Bowl Host Committee is looking for a few good volunteers.

Organizers are lookin [sic] for Indy residents 18 and older who want to volunteer to work the week of the big game as part of the recycling collection team. Others are needed to assist with the "NFL Fan Experience."
All I can say to the Super Bowl Host Committee is, "FUCK YOU!" You folks better pay and pay good. For anyone thinking of responding to their request: Doing "volunteer" work that is of any benefit for the millionaire/billionaire club that is the NFL is just stupid. Go ahead and be a Useful Idiot for the Super Bowl Host Committee if you want. Myself, I hope they eat shit and die.


Home on the Range said...

Off topic - but I hope you two have a wonderful holiday!

Shermlock Shomes said...

Thanks! We ate with friends and ate a lot. Hope you had a nice holiday, too!