Saturday, June 4, 2011

Today's Only Ones: Compliance Regardless Of Age

I have little remaining respect for the police. Reports such as this:

10-year-old boy gets ticket for not wearing seat belt properly

reflect activity that is the norm, not the exception. I'm not going to recite the mantra, "99.9% of the cops are hard-working servants of the public and are there to protect and serve." That's bullshit. Most are there to earn a paycheck for the job of maintaining order and performing revenue enhancement for the municipalities they work for. If they can get some bullying in on the side, all the better for the self-image.

Ask yourself this: If (or when) the government decides to completely throw out the Constitution and strip us of ALL our rights, whose side will the cops be on? Hmmmm?

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Joanna said...

I'm guessing it'll be a similar split as the rest of the population:

n% will grudgingly comply because they don't want trouble

n% will enthusiastically comply because the authorities know what's best

n% will enthusiastically comply because they imagine this means they're in charge now (whether they are or not)

n% will quietly not comply

n% will not quietly not comply

Fill in your own values of n.