Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank God The MSM Is There to Get The Facts Straight!

I haven't watched Saturday Night Live in many many many years. It had become unfunny to me a long time ago. The only way I do catch anything at all that may be broadcast from that show is when something shows up in the news. On Sunday I ran across a posting at Power Line entitled "Acceptable?" in which the question, "Is it now OK to mock President Obama?" is asked in the context of an SNL skit that surprisingly mocked President Obama. I watched some of the skit that was linked to in that posting and found that SNL is still unfunny; the skit had an actor portraying the President basically listing all the things that he has NOT accomplished. Funny? No.

Now today I see that Ace of Spades and Flopping Aces are all over how the MSM is "fact checking" that SNL skit! A fucking comedy skit! I think this drives home what a bunch of worthless sons of bitches they really are and why I don't watch TV news and am very careful about what Internet news sources I do trust to inform and not shill for Obama.

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