Saturday, May 16, 2009

Security Theatre

A couple of days ago I read about Breda's experience with TSA flying out of Indy Cleveland. I see Roberta X has commented on it.

I've met Breda and find her to be a pleasant, fun woman and a bit of a hornet in a tin can (that's a GOOD thing!) but who would never fit the profile of a terrorist. But we have to remember that TSA is not into actual security but is participating in Security Theatre starring the same sort of people who regularly fuck up my order at McDonald's.

Update: Roberta X corrects me. Breda flew out of Cleveland. I must have been flashing on Mrs. Shomes flying out of Indy earlier this month and HER adventures with TSA. And Shermlock Jr. gets extra-special attention when he flies. Here's his DL photo:


Roberta X said...

Breda was flying out of Cleveland -- same TSA professionalism and kindliness,though.

Frank W. James said...

You're absolutely right it is 'Security Theatre' because to engage in REAL security procedures would involve searches of all body cavities on anyone entering the aircraft just like they do everyday at any Maximum Security Correctional Facility in this state or any other in the world.

Anything less is simply a facade and a sham, but the public doesn't realize it and wouldn't stand for it if they did.

So we have the present mess...

All The Best,
Frank W. James