Monday, June 23, 2008

Mass Transit in Indy: They Just Don't Get It!

I've used the IndyGo bus system here in Indianapolis for over three years now, even before the price of gasoline jumped above $3.00 a gallon (It's sad when we're nostalgic about $3.00/gal. gas!). I've witnessed an increase in ridership and today in the Indianapolis Star, I see that I'm not alone in surmising that gas prices have caused an increase in ridership. So you'd think that they would say, "Wow! The price of gas is only going to go up along with our ridership. Let's increase service" But no:

But IndyGo officials say they can't afford to expand service any further. The system has a 15-year plan that includes adding routes and buses, but at this point, there is no way to pay for it.

"Ridership continues to go up," said IndyGo spokeswoman Ronnetta Spalding, "but there are not enough resources to meet those demands."

The City was able to find $50 million dollars to give to Jim Irsay's Indianapolis Colts and raise food and beverage taxes to help pay for the new stadium. They just don't see mass transit as an amenity like a new Lucas Oil Stadium which most of us will only see the inside of on television because we can't afford the tickets!

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