Sunday, June 27, 2010

Harder Work = Wasted Hours?

Saw this in the Jim Ersay Fan Magazine:

No-fee college applications week doesn't work for Indiana

Besides a sweeping conclusion as the title of the news article, I also have a problem with this:
. . . enrollment officials across the state say hundreds of hours of staff time were wasted sorting through applications and trying to follow up with students who never had any intention of attending college.
So instead of updating their Facebook pages, bidding on Ebay, or just surfing pr0n, the folks in Enrollment Services had to do real work? Awwwwww.

And I have a problem with this, too:
Indiana University says the free week of applications cost it more than $300,000. IU says it will not waive application fees this year.
Now I didn't just fall off the sugar beet truck. They had more applications because it was free. If kids would have had to pay for the enrollment application, then there would likely have been fewer applications. So the $300,000 cost is. . .BULLSHIT.

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