Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Phone

I try to avoid blogging about work but this topic necessarily touches on it.

Maybe it's because I see the phone as a tool and not a source of entertainment. Maybe it's because as a child whenever the phone rang and my father was at home he would say "Damn phone!" Whatever the case may be I do not like the phone and at times I hate the phone. And I wonder why people walk around and drive around with the damn phone stuck to their ear. Maybe they're afraid of being alone with themselves and need to be in continuous touch with someone else. I LIKE being alone with no one yammering at me.

I have a cell phone. I made the mistake giving my cell phone number out to some of my coworkers assuming that they would only call me in case of an emergency. But no, they call me at their convenience, not mine. They call me for their benefit, not mine. I'm half tempted to announce that my phone will no longer be accessible to them and if they call I will not answer regardless of how important the call might be to them.

But upon reflection I realize that the majority of these annoying calls come from one person at work. She will call instead of sending e-mail. She will call instead of coming to my office. She will call at her convenience and for her benefit. And beyond that what is even more annoying is that she will call and convey whatever message she deems important and then use the opportunity to think out loud over the phone. When I call I normally convey the message, give the person the opportunity to answer, and then suggest they E-mail me if there are any questions.

The other day I saw this person as I was going to lunch, spoke of a couple small work-related items and informed her that I was going to eat and would be back within an hour. Just as I sat down to eat my cell phone rang. I couldn't help myself and blurted out, "Who the FUCK is calling me during lunch?" Unfortunately I was in the hospital cafeteria. I received more than a few dirty looks. I looked at the display on my cell phone and saw it was her. I did not answer.

I suppose the more appropriate solution to this particular problem is to add this person to the Shermlock No Answer List.

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